Kan ArtResin färgas?

Can ArtResin be dyed?

What materials can you use to color ArtResin?

  • Acrylic paint or acrylic ink can be used, of course bearing in mind that acrylic is a plastic, so it will give a more opaque look and often reduces the working time considerably.
  • Oil paint is really not an option. It gets stringy and weird and you don't want that.
  • Alcohol inks look beautiful in ArtResin especially for creating petri dish art. ⚠️ NOTE: Remember that alcohol is a solvent so it will compromise the non-toxicity of ArtResin and cause flammability as alcohol is a solvent. Use respiratory protection when adding alcohol ink to ArtResin.

All 24 ResinTint dyes are non-toxic and manufactured for compatibility with ArtResin epoxy resin, preserving the gloss and transparency of the resin while not posing a flammability hazard when fired with gas burners.

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