Vilka är de tre vanligaste misstagen som görs av nybörjare?

What are the three most common mistakes made by beginners?

What are the three most common mistakes made by beginners

You've watched our tutorials and heard us say how easy it is to use ArtResin epoxy resin. The truth is, it IS easy... but it's not foolproof. Here are the top three things people do wrong when they first try using on so you don't have to learn the hard way!

First you need to know that epoxy resin comes in 2 parts: a resin and a hardener. When these two parts are mixed as directed, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the liquid mixture to harden. When this chemical reaction is somehow prevented or interrupted, perfect hardening is no longer possible, and the result is a sticky mess!

This is not how you should do it! :)

1. Does not measure accurately

ArtResin is a 1:1 mixing ratio and was formulated to be measured by volume, not weight. It is important to be careful when measuring both parts to ensure that the ratio is truly equal, as any material that cannot catalyze properly will remain uncured and sticky.  

ArtResin is a 1:1 mixing ratio

2. Do not mix properly

Once you have ensured that your mixing ratio is correct and equal, it is important to mix both parts together properly. Again, if any material cannot catalyze properly off by any means, including not mixing well enough, it will not be able to harden  fully. Mix vigorously for three to four solid minutes, scraping the sides and bottom of the container, check that everything can catalyze thoroughly.  

Mixing vigorously for three to four solid minutes

3. Trying to cheat the cure time by adding more hardener

ArtResin cures mostly (to 95%) within 24 hours, with its full cure at 72 hours. Sometimes people think they can speed up this healing time by adding more hardener to the mix, but this just wastes good material and causes curing problems. The best way to encourage curing is to increase the room temperature, as curing is accelerated by heat.  

how-to instructions of ArtResin

If you follow our simple instructions and simply measure and mix your ArtResin properly, you will have no difficulty using and applying ArtResin to your project!

If you already have "broken" projects, you can read previous posts on how to fix them.

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