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Floetrol - Acrylic medium Pouring Medium - 1L

Floetrol - Acrylic medium Pouring Medium - 1L

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What is Floetrol and what is it used for?

Owatrol's Floetrol is a water-based additive that can be used with all types of water- or acrylic-based paints both indoors and outdoors. Acrylic medium Pouring Medium - Floetrol 1 liter extends the open time of the paint, which means that the drying time will be longer. Floetrol also minimizes the risk of visible brush strokes

Why should you use Floetrol?

Floetrol makes paint easier to work with as it extends the drying time and makes the consistency more fluid. This makes acrylic paint work like oil paint. In addition to this, Floetrol enhances the paint's own properties. Floetrol reduces the risk of brush strokes and markings from other tools. The agent causes the paint to slide easily on the substrate and thus makes painting easier. Floetrol neither yellows nor changes color with time.

Floetrol can be used as a pouring medium for acrylic pouring because it makes the paint more fluid. It is a good alternative as Floetrol is so affordable and therefore good if you want to make large and many works, or if you have recently started experimenting with different acrylic pouring techniques. The ingredients allow the formation of cells, which is popular in acrylic pouring. Since the product is fireproof, a heat gun can be used on it. Please note that Floetrol is white in color and therefore cannot be used with clear coat. Floetrol also cannot prevent changes in the paint's own properties, however Floetrol will not cause any changes to the paint as it ages.

Where does Floetrol come from?

Floetrol is manufactured in France through the Durieu Group. Floetrol was developed in 1990 to reduce the occurrence of brush and roller marks when painting walls. Today, the additive is also used in art painting.

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