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ArtResin 2 x 470ml

ArtResin 2 x 470ml

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Product description:

ArtResin epoxy is a resin that is food approved in the USA (conforms to ASTM D4236). The resin has many other good key properties such as:

  • Very UV resistant
  • Crystal clear
  • High gloss
  • Safe to use

To cover a painting or other surface, do this:

  1. Prepare a water bath (approx. 50 °C warm)
  2. Measure the casting resin and hardener into two mixing cups. It should be equal parts.
  3. Place both parts in the water bath. This causes many of the bubbles to disappear. Let them stand for 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Take them out of the water sheet and add the hardener to the casting resin. Stir gently but thoroughly for 3 minutes. Be careful that no water gets into the mixture.
  5. Now the resin is ready to be poured over the object. If you want to color the resin, do that now too.
  6. Help the resin on its way by spreading it out with a spatula or similar if necessary.
  7. Now use a torch to smooth the resin and remove any bubbles.
  8. Cover your work with something so that no dust or other things get into the casting resin during drying.
  9. Wait 24 hours. Then the resin is hard enough to hang on the wall or similar. It will continue to get harder and harder for 3 weeks.

Volume: total 946 ml

Artresin is designed to be used as a coating resin and should not be applied in thicker layers than approx. 6 mm, however, you can cast many such layers to build thickness. If you cast thicker layers than that, you should be aware that the air bubbles will be difficult to remove and the resin can be overheated during curing.

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Customer Reviews

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Dagny Karina Isabella Karlsson Karlsson
Kristallklar och lättarbetad

Jag tyckte mycket om denna, har testat flera sorter. Den här luktade inget och blev glasklar utan några bubblor, fungerade utmärkt till mitt fotomonage

Thomas Hansson
Perfekt bemötande

Konstnärsfabriken var tevlig i korrespondens, och fenomenal på att paketera, och skicka ordern. Dock var själva resinet inte något jag kommer fortsätta använda eftersom att blandningen på 1:1 är mjuk 7+ dagar efter gjutning (och noga omrörd blandning). Jag har hållit på några år, och vill tro att jag gjorde korrekta förberedelser.

Tack för din feedback. Jag har pratat med Art Resin ang ditt 'problem'
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